The benefits of the only mineral-based paint imported in Malta

Purely Mineral

Purely Mineral

Made of the earth’s raw mineral ingredients



Long-lasting protection against UV for modern & historic buildings

Economical Paint


A cost-efficient paint, saving you time & money

Environmental Friendly


A non-toxic & odourless paint presented in a recyclable bucket

Anti-mould paint


Vapour permeable to prevent rising damp problems

Safe paint


Tried & tested non-flammable paints



A self-clean coat with anti-static & non-thermoplastic constituents



Brings out the stability and brightness of colour

…neutral, calming, vibrant & bold colours for unique interior applications with just 2 coats

Quality silicate mineral paint since 1878

For the past 140 years the range of KEIM paints has inspired home owners and painting contractors around the world for interior and exterior aesthetics. Originating from the Bavarian region, these durable painting solutions are named after their inventor, Adolf Wilhelm Keim. KEIM’s mineral paints are carefully mixed by hand!


A rich heritage featuring experience and a genuine passion for the production of sustainable paint.


OUR paintS


The ideal paint for interior design with a sophisticated matt finish & excellent colour stability


Highly resistant to different weather elements with insulation properties


The mineral paint solution for the protection & magnificence of modern concrete buildings

Lignosil Keim



The range of silicate paint for wooden surfaces has been on the market for more than 20 years. Its primary features of durability, moisture protection and velvety matt finish bring out the beauty of exterior and interior wooden doors, windows and other structures. This mineral-based wood coating is also UV resistant, economical and requires very low maintenance or none at all!




Whether it’s about renovating old buildings and monuments, fixing cracks and flakes or plaster walls in new buildings, the German brand is the solution when covering any substrate. Our two all-rounder products for plastering and rendering substrates offer a durable and cost-efficient solution to damaged or difficult surfaces. Easily applied manually or by a machine, KEIM’s plastering products transform uneven plastered surfaces into smooth and consistent ones

Paint your inspirations

Whatever the room or finish there is surely the right splash of colour for it!
Our paints are sustainable & odourless - you can move in straight after they’re applied!

Bedroom Ambience

Bedroom Interior Colours

Supreme relaxation with durable, matt, smooth textured paint

Apart from changing the look of a room in an instant, colours have the power to set your mood. And where better can you set the right mood with paint than the bedroom? Whether you want your bedroom ambience with a calming green to escape from the daily stress or whether you want it to be a yellow energized room to help you pop-out of bed fast every morning; choosing the right colour scheme is essential. We have a vast selection of high-performance interior mineral paints that will give you the desired matt finish result. You don’t even need to worry about tiny wall cracks or scratches because our purely mineral paints have an excellent hiding power and keep a consistent flow in corners and edges.

Feature Walls

Feature Walls Interior Colours

Affordable, quality paint with macro-fill technology

Giving a particular room the ultimate first class look by painting just one wall can really fill it with personality. Feature walls have become a THING in living rooms, bedrooms, office receptions, restaurants, and retail shops! Thanks to the wide selection of sol-silicate mineral paints we supply, painting your envisaged feature wall takes only few steps. Our range of colours varies from calming tones like greens, indigos and purples; to energetic shades such as reds, oranges and yellows. The easy application of our mineral-based paints gives you endless colour possibilities to decorate and design your interior space. Silicate paints are cost-efficient, keep an ideal indoor climate and can be painted directly on existing wallpapers too! Choose your preferred KEIM colour and Happy Painting!

Kitchen Paint

Kitchen Interior Colours

Clean, anti-mould, fireproof interior matt finish paint

The kitchen is the first room you seek to go after a long day at work. Whether you’re cooking, eating, doing assignments or chatting, it is here where everyone meets at home. So, it has to give you that welcoming and positive feeling everytime you step in it! Designing your kitchen is primarily about deciding on the kitchen cabinets, backsplash, flooring and lighting. But, don’t forget about the walls and ceilings! The colour you choose for the kitchen walls needs to complement the rest of the features in the room, but also give you everyday practicality. Whether it’s kids’ crayon markings, grease, steam, food stains, you need to have a resistant paint that combats these daily bacteria. Our range of interior paints does exactly this!

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